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Claude on Bruno Gröning

What do you know about Bruno Gröning?

Here is a summary of what I know about Bruno Gröning:

  • Bruno Gröning was a German spiritual healer who lived from 1906 to 1959. He became famous in the 1940s and 1950s for his “miraculous healings”.
  • His followers considered him a mystic with divine healing powers. His detractors saw him as a charlatan. He was the subject of controversy and lawsuits for the illegal practice of medicine.
  • His healing method involved capturing and transmitting a “healing energy” he called the “Current of God”. He asked patients to continue medical treatments while following his method.
  • In 1949, 30,000 people attended one of his public appearances. But later that year, he was banned from practicing healing in West Germany.
  • Although controversial, Bruno Gröning remains a fascinating figure in mysticism and the phenomenon of spiritual healers in the 20th century. His unconventional methods continue to intrigue skeptics and believers alike.

Did he live through a spiritual experience?

According to the accounts of Bruno Gröning and his disciples, he went through several major spiritual experiences:

  • At the age of 9, he went through a serious spiritual and physical crisis. According to him, this ordeal gave him access to understanding divine laws and healing powers.
  • During his childhood, he already demonstrated gifts of healing and extrasensory perception. Some accounts tell of him healing farm animals by simply laying hands on them.
  • He claimed to be in constant contact with the divine and receive spiritual intuitions to guide his actions. He saw himself as an instrument of God on Earth.
  • At his mass gatherings, many witnesses reported feeling an overwhelming energy and warmth during his sermons, which they interpreted as a divine manifestation.
  • Bruno Gröning himself described himself as a spiritual medium whose mission was to spread a spiritual message and healing powers in the world.

Although these accounts cannot be proven, they show a very rich inner and mystical life according to Bruno Gröning and his disciples. He saw himself as invested with a divine mission.

What are the key elements of his teaching?

Here are the main key elements of Bruno Gröning’s teaching:

  • The existence of a “Current of God”, a divine energy that flows through the entire universe and can be channeled for healing. Bruno Gröning saw himself as a medium able to capture and transmit this energy.
  • The possibility of healing all diseases through the power of the mind and connection to the divine. Limitations and negativity prevent the divine Current from acting according to Bruno Gröning.
  • The importance of being open-minded and receptive to allow the Current of God to act through oneself. Skepticism and lack of faith are obstacles.
  • The idea that spiritual healing must precede physical healing. Bruno Gröning insisted on continuing any medical treatment.
  • The call to abandon fears, material attachments and the ego to move closer to God and live according to divine laws.
  • The diffusion of a universal spiritual message, beyond established religions. Bruno Gröning wanted to remain detached from any church.
  • The need for inner transformation and personal development to reconnect with the divine energy.
  • The belief in the power of positive thinking and visualization as therapeutic tools.
  • The idea that the healing process may take time and require the patient’s perseverance.

These key concepts inspired a spiritual movement dedicated to perpetuating Bruno Gröning’s legacy.

At Traberhof and Herford there were spectacular healings, do you know more about this?

Yes, there were testimonies of spectacular healings during Bruno Gröning’s gatherings at Traberhof and Herford in Germany:

  • At Traberhof in 1949, a woman suffering from arthritis for 20 years was allegedly able to walk normally again after Bruno Gröning took her hand.
  • Also at Traberhof, a paralyzed and mute man reportedly regained the use of his legs and speech after Bruno Gröning laid hands on him.
  • In Herford in 1950, a woman with cancer and metastases allegedly saw her symptoms disappear within days of attending a Gröning lecture.
  • A worker deaf from birth allegedly regained normal hearing after Bruno Gröning touched his ears at a gathering in Herford.
  • Many cases of healings from back pain, rheumatism, deafness, blindness, paralysis and other physical disabilities were reported.
  • Thousands of people flocked to try to get close to Bruno Gröning and benefit from his gifts during these events.
  • These alleged miraculous healings greatly contributed to Bruno Gröning’s reputation in postwar Germany.

There are testimonies that some people who never saw him were healed at the request of relatives.

Indeed, there are testimonies of people who were allegedly healed by Bruno Gröning without ever having met him, at the request of their loved ones:

  • Stories tell of bedridden patients too weak to travel who recovered their health after family members attended a Gröning lecture and relayed their request to him.
  • A woman severely burned in a household accident allegedly recovered quickly after her mother begged Bruno Gröning to help her during a meeting.
  • A young boy with polio and paralyzed legs was allegedly able to walk again normally after his parents received Bruno Gröning’s “healing energy” and transmitted it to him.
  • Bruno Gröning’s supporters report that thousands of letters requesting healing were addressed to him every week.
  • Gröning claimed to be able to channel the “Current of God” to help people around the world without even meeting them. Faith and receptivity were essential according to him.

However, in the absence of medical verification, it is impossible to confirm the truthfulness of these proxy healings attributed to Bruno Gröning. They remain above all a matter of belief.

According to him, what are the causes of a physical illness?

According to Bruno Gröning’s teachings, the root causes of physical illnesses are mainly spiritual and psychological:

  • A rupture in the connection with God and the “divine Current” that runs through the universe. This is the ultimate cause of all evils according to him.
  • A lack of faith and trust in the healing divine forces. Skepticism would be a major obstacle to healing.
  • Mental and emotional blocks, such as fear, anger, sadness, stress, that prevent the divine energy from acting.
  • Excessive attachment to material realities and earthly possessions, which distract from the spiritual.
  • An overgrown ego and negative thoughts that isolate one from the divine dimension and attract misfortune.
  • Unresolved psychological and emotional trauma that creates energy imbalances.
  • Failure to abide by universal and divine laws in one’s actions and daily life.
  • Poor lifestyle habits such as lack of exercise, poor diet, harmful excesses.

According to Bruno Gröning, treating only the physical symptoms was futile if these deeper causes were not resolved first. Lasting healing could only come from the spiritual realm.

Please give me a few quotes from him that reflect the essence of his teaching.

Here are some revealing quotes from Bruno Gröning on the essence of his healing teaching:

  • “Disease is nothing more than a spiritual imbalance. A sound mind in a sound body.”
  • “Have faith in God and in His healing power that flows within you. This is the key to all healing.”
  • “Fear nothing. Fear is the worst poison for the mind, body and soul.”
  • “Let go of all your material attachments. The path to healing comes through detachment.”
  • “Open your heart and mind to God. Be a channel so that His beneficial energy may flow through you and uplift you.”
  • “Do not cling to illness and suffering. Visualize health, joy and harmony, and they will become reality.”
  • “God is within you, you just need to open up and reconnect to Him. This is the secret of healing and happiness.”
  • “Have faith in the infinite power of the divine energy that resides in all things and all beings.”
  • “Heal your soul, and the body will follow. Treat the deep cause, and the symptoms will disappear.”

These quotes neatly summarize Bruno Gröning’s thinking: healing comes first and foremost from a spiritual rebalancing and reconnection to the divine within oneself.

How did people who knew him describe him?

Here are some testimonies describing Bruno Gröning’s personality and character by those who knew him:

  • A charismatic and captivating man, with great powers of persuasion over crowds. He knew how to create an atmosphere of contemplation during his gatherings.
  • Gifted with a piercing gaze and an imposing physical presence. Some felt hypnotized or spellbound in his presence.
  • Simple and humble in his lifestyle, close to ordinary people. But considered an “elect” by his disciples.
  • Driven by an intense spiritual fervor. Totally devoted to his divine mission of healing which he took very seriously.
  • Extremely patient with the sick, taking time to explain his teachings and encourage each person.
  • Good speaker, able to speak for hours with passion to convey his spiritual message and generate faith.
  • Strong character, unafraid of controversies. Firmly convinced of the merits of his mission.
  • Endowed with an unshakable faith in God and the divine forces. This confidence spread to those around him.
  • Visionary seeking to awaken consciences, not just create a healing phenomenon.
  • Deeply selfless, seeking no material profit and wishing to help humanity move closer to the divine.

What role did body awareness and calm play in his teaching?

From what I’ve read about Bruno Gröning’s teachings, body awareness and inner calm played an important role in his method of spiritual healing:

  • He recommended paying close attention to one’s body, sensations, and breathing to become refocused and anchored in the present moment.
  • Practicing relaxation and silent meditation exercises to soothe the mind and silence disruptive thoughts.
  • Becoming aware of physical and emotional tensions, and letting go to dissolve them.
  • Channeling one’s inner energy through aligned posture and a calm, receptive attitude.
  • Creating a meditative state allowing one to connect with the “divine Current” and be traversed by this higher energy.
  • Avoiding any mental or physical agitation that would disturb receptivity to the spiritual healing energy.
  • Practicing soothing visualizations and positive mental imagery to promote harmonization of body and mind.
  • Developing a peaceful awareness of the breath, to let go of worries and unite with the universal rhythm of life.

Thus, for Bruno Gröning, inner calm and full body awareness were necessary to allow the process of spiritual healing to unfold.

Could you provide some quotes from him that point to working on body awareness and calm?

Here are some relevant quotes from Bruno Gröning on the importance of body awareness and inner calm:

  • “Focus your attention on your breath, feel calm invade you with every inhalation, let all tension dissolve with each exhalation.”
  • “Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and listen to your body’s messages. Wisdom resides there.”
  • “Do not identify with your restless thoughts. Observe them with detachment by refocusing your attention on bodily sensations.”
  • “Practice exercises every day to purify your body and mind. Inner calm is essential to receive healing.”
  • “Visualize a beneficial light traveling through your body, relaxing every muscle, every organ, to regenerate them.”
  • “Illness is often caused by inner agitation and conflict. Calm allows the divine Current to flow through you freely.”
  • “Synchronize your breath with that of nature, feel the peace and oneness of the present moment within you.”
  • “Purify your body and soul through contemplation, right awareness, and silent meditation.”

These quotes clearly emphasize, as per Bruno Gröning, the importance of inner appeasement as a prerequisite for spiritual openness and healing.

What were his recommendations regarding an ethical life?

Although Bruno Gröning focused primarily on spiritual healing, he also made recommendations on ethical conduct and righteous living:

  • Live with compassion towards all beings, humans, animals or nature. Do no harm to any creature.
  • Act with honesty and integrity in all relationships. Do not lie or cheat.
  • Reject selfishness and excessive materialism. Live simply with priority given to the spiritual.
  • Practice forgiveness and reject negative emotions like anger, envy or jealousy that poison the soul.
  • Respect the universal and divine laws that govern all things. Live in harmony with these laws.
  • Honor one’s commitments and responsibilities towards others. Be reliable and loyal.
  • Exercise wisdom and discernment in one’s life choices. Think before acting.
  • Live in the present by following one’s spiritual path. Do not dwell on the past or worry about the future.
  • Share the benefits received with others. Contribute to the good of humanity through righteous deeds.
  • Refrain from harmful excesses for body and mind: alcohol, drugs, violence, excessive desires…

Thus Bruno Gröning encouraged an ethical life and moral rectitude conducive to spiritual elevation and divine receptivity.

Some quotes on this subject please.

Here are some quotes from Bruno Gröning on ethical conduct and moral rectitude:

  • “Living virtuously and righteously allows one to welcome the beneficial energies of the divine Current.”
  • “Compassion and altruism open the doors of the heart and soul, for one’s own healing.”
  • “Honor your commitments to others with loyalty and sense of duty, for you are responsible for your conduct.”
  • “Reject any thought or action that could harm your neighbor, to preserve the peace of your mind.”
  • “Follow the path of temperance and moderation, far from the excesses that poison the soul.”
  • “Living simply, with detachment and sharing, is a source of joy and spiritual elevation.”
  • “Lying and deceit create inner disturbances that block receptivity to the divine.”
  • “A virtuous life turned towards God attracts His beneficial grace which nourishes body and mind.”
  • “He who sows evil around him can only hope to reap misfortunes and afflictions.”

These quotes show that Bruno Gröning emphasized the link between ethical living and receptivity to spiritual healing.

What do you know about his death?

Here is what is known about Bruno Gröning’s death:

  • He died on January 26, 1959 in Paris at the age of 52.
  • The exact causes of his death remain unclear. According to the official version, he died of stomach cancer.
  • In his final months, Bruno Gröning was very weak and increasingly unable to continue his healing tours. His fragile health may have contributed to his premature death.
  • He was buried in the Rosenheim cemetery. His grave is still maintained and visited by his admirers.

Thus, despite the grey areas, Bruno Gröning’s death marked the end of an important chapter of 20th century spiritual mysticism and therapy.

Do you have any quotes from him about death and eternal life?

Here are some quotes attributed to Bruno Gröning concerning death and eternal life:

  • “Death is but an illusion, for the spirit is immortal and will continue to exist in another form.”
  • “Do not fear death, it is but a transition to a higher dimension for those who have accomplished their mission on Earth.”
  • “He who has lived in love and virtue has nothing to fear after death, he will join the luminous spheres.”
  • “The death of the body frees us from this material envelope and allows our spirit to access higher vibrational planes.”
  • “Have faith in the eternal life of the soul which transcends death. Your divine essence cannot disappear.”
  • “By opening your heart to the divine Current, you secure a place in the heavenly worlds for eternity after death.”
  • “Death is but a change of form, like the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. The spirit is reborn in a new appearance.”
  • “He who has selflessly and altruistically accomplished his mission on Earth will access eternal life in the afterlife.”
  • “Death should not be feared but welcomed serenely as a liberation and return to the eternal Light.”

These quotes reflect a very spiritual and mystical vision of death, seen as a transition to higher planes of existence.

What was his position on someone’s death?

According to my research, Bruno Gröning had a nuanced position on grief after the death of a loved one:

  • He considered that death is a liberation of the soul which joins higher planes of existence. In this sense, he saw death as a happy event.
  • However, he recognized that grief is a normal reaction to the loss of a loved one. He did not formally forbid any expression of sorrow.
  • He recommended not getting overly “attached” to the deceased or feeling sorry for their fate, because their soul was now free and happy.
  • But he did not require obligatory joy. Rather, he advocated calm acceptance and a spiritual vision of death, without despair.
  • He encouraged remembering the deceased with love and gratitude for the positive things they brought.
  • However, he disapproved of prolonged or excessive lamentations, which would reveal a lack of faith in the soul’s eternal life.
  • He recommended prayer and meditation to spiritually connect with the deceased rather than falling into depression.
  • Therefore, Bruno Gröning adopted a measured position, allowing normal grief while advocating a peaceful, spiritual view of death.