The ultimate quest, the one that takes us to the ultimate frontier of ourselves; beyond which is the unknown. The unknown of life which means we just “be” and participate in the mystery. In the midst of the unknown, the mental tool called “mind,” which is dedicated to the functional management of our lives, gives way to the compass of the heart. It is with this heart compass we find our way when all the landmarks disappear, dilute, blend into the landscape and where one loses one’s certainties.

The ultimate quest, the one that takes us to a complete shedding of what we thought we were, stripping us of what we had taken so long to build up, stripping us of beliefs, judgments, unnecessary suffering, and of all the superfluity that envelops and stifles our deep being. So that, at the end of the road, with a little luck, and grace, we can once again be in contact with it, be it.

The quest for the ultimate is not a path where knowledge, theory, or the known are added to the phenomenal mass of external knowledge that already exists; those are just memories that pile up infinitely in the drawers of the mind. They are memories of the past that try to reach the present without ever approaching it.

If you feel a deep desire to get rid of everything that is useless, superfluous, that prevents you from feeling connected, that maintains the separation in you, you will find here tools, testimonies, dialogues throughout the various pages of the site and an invitation to see if what is proposed resonates in you.

You will also find links to teachings or information on G. I. Gurdjieff, P. D. Ospensky, Work on Oneself, Sufism, Advaita Vedanta, Stephen Wolinsky, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Stephen Jourdain, Zen, awakening, enlightement and other related topics like quantum consciousness, stoicism etc.