Recommended reading

Radical awakening by Steven Jourdain Radical Awakening, Stephen Jourdain
This outstanding irreverent Frenchman encountered (and stayed with) the mystery of life and death at the age of sixteen. He witnesses ultimate nothingness (liberation, enlightenment) combined with artistic everyday life management.
I Am That by Nisargadatta I Am That, Nisargadatta Maharaj
Reading Nisargadatta intuitively and not intellectually, it is possible get glimpses of the permanent nothingness that is the basis of life. This book is a classic for those seeking spiritual enlightenment, personal liberation or more knowledge about Advaita and nonduality.
In_search In Search of the Miraculous, P. D. Ouspensky
In this book, Ouspensky describes the different aspects of Gurdjieff’s teaching, a teaching which actually took place in the western hemisphere and that is adaptable to people who live in normal everyday life circumstances. Work on oneself, self remembering, how to treat negative emotions, how to work with ‘reminding factors’ etc. are important devices for the sincere seeker.

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