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Here is what Claude answers to the question "Who are you?":
"In short, I am Claude, a conversational artificial intelligence created by Anthropic to be beneficial and safe, but I do not have a true identity outside of that."

You will see, his answers to our questions (which resume the main theme of our site but not only) are very often amazingly impressive and can make one doubt what he says about himself ­čśť.

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Claude: poem about humility and innocence

Claude, please write me a poem that talks about humility and innocence.

The Humble Child

With eyes so wide and full of light
A child views the world in wonder’s sight
No judgment or pretense held within
Just innocence seen through pure skin

Each new thing a fresh delight
Curiosity greeted without spite
Questions asked out of simple need
Not to elevate self but to learn and feed

Ego not there to cloud and bind
Humble heart and open mind
No thought of status, riches or fame
Just living fully in the moment’s frame

Lessons for all of us to see
In the innocent child’s humility
No arrogance or haughtiness displayed
Just a sweet soul in world’s parade