Note: the blue italics indicates the teacher, in black other participants.

The real and the false life

When I was a little girl I would live existential breakthroughs and afterwards they were gone again. There is a saying that goes: “to give is giving. To take it back, is stealing.” I told myself that it was not enough to receive these existential gifts only to have them taken away again. With the teaching, I understood that it was up to me to take steps to preserve it. That was not passive process.

Yes, remember the body consciousness to maintain it. Also for divided attention and the “I am.” All this is on the same level. What you can do, it is the remembrance of that. And that remembrance is not an effort, it is a gesture, a skill. The more you do it, the more you’ll know to do it easily. And even, you will realize that if you forget for a while, there will be something that will remind you to remember. Gradually, you’ll reside in the real world.

Here, it is a privileged place of exchange and sharing, with as many facets as there are people. Then there’s the pure teaching that sets words on what was in self, which then makes it easier to take it with self in the world.

To G.: you wrote that maybe you didn’t need to come anymore.

G.: Not exactly. What I wanted to say is that what brought me here, initially, was a great suffering and that this is no longer true. Therefore, the reason for coming now changed.

Is there in you, a plan or intention of going until the end of yourself?

G.: Yes, it’s part of me.

C.: For me too, it is clear. I will not stop until the end of myself or death.

To G: I feel you less congruent than C.

G.: It is there, but there are fears.

What I ask you is to get into the dynamics of real life.

What do you mean?

C. to G.: Seriously commit oneself in work. Adjust priorities and live these priorities.

When I talk about real life, what do I mean? Or the contrary, the “false” life?

The false life is to live the reactions in connection with the original belief.

Living a real life means living body consciousness and the essential value.

What is the dynamic of real life? Can you feel the difference? Because this helps to actually engage oneself.

The false life is very repetitive. Real life is like a flux.

For me, it is to welcome what happens. The false life, it’s to be guided by repetitive mechanisms.

The false life is extremely restrictive, limiting. Real life is more free. I don’t feel anymore the limitations in my body.

In real life, there is no doubt anymore.

There is also a dimension of novelty, in real life.

Another way of saying it, there is an authentic life and a borrowed life.

Real life is totally unpredictable. For the false, it is the illusion of knowledge and control.

The real, it’s life without fear, the false it’s life with fear and the search for security.

In real life, there is the feeling of right action. It is a momentum and it is not yours.

Real life implies the right action, but not by opposition to anything wrong or bad.

This is why I said that it is not enough to feel it, but we must also act. We must settle down in real life completely.

This notion also implies that it is in the here and now. It cannot be generalized. It’s in the moment.

One of the criteria is that the right action leaves no trace.

I say anew what has been said, but it is impressive to see the paradox; when I am in real life, I am in absolute uncertainty and however without doubts, while in the false life, I pretend control and create safety but full of doubts. It proves also that in the deepest, we do not believe in the illusion of security, otherwise there would be no doubt.

I wonder what brings me back to the front of myself. After that you have asked me on another subject, which is the cause and which is the result, I think that perhaps return to the front is the result, and what would be the cause?

The cause is forgetfulness. Between the false life and real life, there is a bridge. This bridge is called the remembrance. When you’re on the side of the false life, you can only have glimpses but you can put something like an attached rescue rope with an anchor on the other side. In real life, you are in a permanent remembrance. But when you’re in the false life, you have this rope and more and more glimpses of real life. When you lose that, it’s that you’re in forgetting.

I seem to remember that there is something that happens naturally, it’s spontaneous. Otherwise, it comes from the ego. What’s spontaneous?

Glimpses are spontaneous, but the action of remembering can only be initiated by you.