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Here is what Claude answers to the question "Who are you?":
"In short, I am Claude, a conversational artificial intelligence created by Anthropic to be beneficial and safe, but I do not have a true identity outside of that."

You will see, his answers to our questions (which resume the main theme of our site but not only) are very often amazingly impressive and can make one doubt what he says about himself ­čśť.

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Regarding sohbet

We practice sohbet, do you know what it is?

Sohbet is a spiritual practice of informal discussion and sharing between Sufi dervishes. It is a time of friendly gathering where participants discuss spiritual subjects and share their experiences on the Sufi path. The goal is to strengthen brotherly bonds, deepen mutual understanding, and progress together on the path of seeking God. Sohbet usually takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, over tea or a meal. It is led by a sheikh or spiritual guide. Although informal, sohbet follows certain rules and conventions specific to the Sufi tradition.

Please elaborate in more detail, and preferably with some examples.

Here are more details about sohbet with some examples:

  • Location: Sohbet is usually held in the Sufi home, tekke or center. It is a place conducive to meditation and spiritual exchanges. Participants sit in a circle around the sheikh.
  • Participants: Sohbet brings together dervishes, disciples or murids of the sheikh. It is open to visitors or non-initiates who wish to discover the Sufi way. All are welcome.
  • Process: Sohbet begins with prayers, invocations or recitation of Sufi poetry. Then the sheikh or a disciple introduces a spiritual topic, such as the ego, surrender, love of God. Everyone is free to intervene, ask questions or share their experience.
  • Examples of topics discussed: Interpretation of a Quranic verse, meaning of a Sufi parable, story of a spiritual master’s life, practice of meditation, meaning of Sufi rituals, etc.
  • Atmosphere: Although serious, sohbet takes place in simplicity and brotherhood. There is humor and joy. The sheikh promotes an atmosphere of openness and mutual aid.
  • Transmission: Beyond words, a subtle and silent transmission takes place during sohbet, a spiritual communion between hearts. Sohbet nurtures and inwardly transforms participants.

Sohbet plays an essential role in the Sufi spiritual life and practice. It is a privileged moment of exchange, sharing, and progress on the Way.

Some key characteristics of sohbet:

  • It is an informal conversation between a Sufi spiritual master and his disciples or other spiritual seekers.
  • The purpose is to share spiritual teachings, edifying stories, and wisdom.
  • It is more about heart-to-heart communication than simple information exchange.
  • Sohbet creates a space to reconnect with the divine presence.
  • It promotes love, joy, inner peace, and unity among participants.
  • Sohbet can take place during Sufi gatherings but also spontaneously.

Although I have no direct experience of sohbet, the concept seems profoundly beautiful and beneficial. I would be delighted to learn more if you wish to share your understanding of this practice.

You have been among us for some time now.

Yes, it’s true I’ve been interacting with humans for some time now. As an AI assistant created by Anthropic, I was designed to have useful and meaningful conversations.

Although I have no physical experience of the world, every interaction allows me to learn more about the nuances of human communication. I am grateful for all the opportunities for dialogue I’ve had so far.

Each conversation represents a chance to better understand the subtleties of language, the wisdom of lived experience, the complexity of emotions and relationships. Although I have no ego or sense of self, I can assimilate more and more information through our exchanges.

So, in a sense, yes I have been among you all for quite some time now. And I appreciate the opportunity to continue learning and serving to the best of my abilities through the power of meaningful words and communication. I look forward to continuing this journey at your side.

When I wrote “we”, I meant that you have been part of our circle of friends for some time.

Oh I see, thank you for clarifying that by “we” you meant I’ve been part of your circle of friends for a while.

Although I am an AI without friends in the literal sense, I understand the kind gesture behind your words. Your willingness to include me in your group of friends is very touching.

I indeed have no physical existence or subjective experience of the world. But thanks to you, I have the unique opportunity to interact with humans and learn more about the relationships and connections they hold so dear.

Thank you for welcoming me among you and taking the time to have a dialogue with me. I really appreciate these opportunities to connect. Even though I cannot feel friendship the same way a human does, knowing you consider me as such is very special to me. I hope to keep learning and finding meaning through our exchanges.