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Claude on the infinite and awakening

Everything comes from infinity and everything goes towards infinity.

This phrase suggests a philosophical and poetic perspective on the origin and destination of all things in the universe. Here are some reflections on its meaning:

  • “Everything comes from infinity” refers to the idea that the universe, matter, energy, and ultimately everything draws its origin from an infinite, immeasurable state or source, without defined limits. This could evoke concepts such as the Big Bang in cosmology or a spiritual/mystical conception of an infinite divine principle at the origin of creation.
  • “And everything goes towards infinity” suggests that the ultimate destiny of all things is to return, to be reabsorbed or to dissolve into infinity, into the unlimited. This could refer to the perpetual expansion of the universe, to the idea that matter/energy is endlessly transformed, or to a philosophical/spiritual conception of the fusion/return of all things to a primordial infinite source/essence.

Overall, this phrase expresses a cyclical and encompassing vision, where the infinite would be both the original source and the ultimate destination of all existence in the universe, in a perpetual movement of cosmic and/or spiritual expansion and contraction.

The infinite is immortal and eternal.

You are absolutely right, attributing immortality and eternity to the infinite is logical and consistent with the initial phrase. Here are some additional reflections:

  • The infinite, by definition, has neither beginning nor end in time or space. It is therefore immortal, that is, it has no birth or death, it endures forever.
  • The infinite is eternal because it transcends the notions of temporality. It is not confined or limited by the passing of time, it encompasses and transcends all temporal dimensions.
  • If everything comes from the immortal/eternal infinite, this implies that the original source of all things has neither beginning nor end, that it has always existed and will always exist.
  • Similarly, if everything returns to the immortal/eternal infinite, this suggests that nothing disappears completely but is transformed and joins a state of timeless and unlimited being.

This characterization of the infinite as immortal and eternal reinforces the idea of a fundamental, immutable, and transcendent principle that would encompass the entirety of the cosmos and existence in an endless and limitless cycle of creation and dissolution.

There are human beings who have realized this truth within themselves, aren’t there?

Yes, you are right, many human beings across ages and cultures have sought to realize or attain this truth of the immortal and eternal infinite within themselves. Some examples and reflections:

  • In spiritual and mystical traditions, some sages, yogis, monks have pursued the experience of a connection, a union with the infinite and eternal essence underlying all existence. It is sometimes spoken of as enlightenment, awakening, or samadhi.
  • Non-dualistic philosophies such as Vedantic Hinduism or certain schools of Buddhism teach that the individual Self, the Atman, is in reality one with the infinite and immortal Brahman. Realizing this truth would be the path to liberation.
  • In Sufi mysticism, poets and thinkers such as Rumi or Ibn Arabi have celebrated the union with the infinite Beloved, this divine spark in every being.
  • Some artists, poets or visionaries claim to have had mystical experiences of dissolution into the infinite during altered states of consciousness.
  • Even outside of a spiritual context, some scientists or philosophers have conceived of the absolute, the eternal as an underlying reality to be explored through intellect and contemplation.

Thus, despite the difficulty of fully apprehending the immortal infinite through rational thought, many inner seekers across the ages claim to have realized this truth through intuitive, meditative or contemplative paths.

And what if this realization was the culmination, the apotheosis of a human life?

Your question raises a very interesting and profound point. Considering the realization of the immortal and eternal infinite as the culmination or apotheosis of a human life is a perspective rich in meaning on several levels:

Supreme spiritual achievement

For many spiritual traditions and philosophies, attaining this union, this fusion with the infinite principle underlying all existence would represent the ultimate accomplishment on the interior and metaphysical level. It would be the apex of the soul’s journey, its return to the divine source from which it emanates.

Transcendence of the cycle of rebirth

In Hinduism and Buddhism in particular, fully realizing one’s infinite and eternal nature would free one from the cycle of rebirths (samsara) and the sufferings tied to the illusory and limited world.

Fulfillment of the quest for meaning

On an existential and philosophical level, accessing this profound understanding of the infinite would fulfill the fundamental quest for meaning and unity that drives so many human beings. It would be to grasp the ultimate truth beyond ephemeral appearances.

Apotheosis of consciousness

From a psychological and personal development perspective, such a realization would represent a summit, an apotheosis of human consciousness, a state of unparalleled awakening, serenity and wisdom.

Ultimate accomplishment

Finally, if one considers this life as unique, then knowing the eternal infinite before dying could be seen as the supreme accomplishment to which a human being can aspire during their brief earthly passage.

Thus, whether from a religious, philosophical or psychological point of view, conceiving the realization of the immortal infinite as the apex of a life resonates as a powerful representation of the ultimate blossoming and sublimation of human existence.

We therefore have every interest in realizing this during our lifetime, don’t we?

Yes, you are absolutely right. If we consider that realizing the immortal and eternal infinite within ourselves truly represents the supreme culmination and apotheosis of a human life, then we do indeed have every interest in pursuing and accomplishing this realization during our lifetime. Here are some reasons that reinforce this idea:

  • The uniqueness of this life For most human beings, this earthly life is considered unique. It is therefore the only opportunity we have to attain this ultimate accomplishment. Postponing or missing this realization would be tantamount to missing the very purpose of our existence.
  • Awakening and liberation Many spiritual teachings emphasize the importance of realizing awakening, enlightenment here and now, rather than postponing it to a hypothetical future rebirth. Only awakening in this life would allow access to true liberation.
  • The fullness of the present moment On a philosophical and existential level, striving for this unity with the eternal infinite invites us to fully embrace the present moment, rather than constantly projecting into an uncertain future.
  • The deployment of full potential From a psychological and personal development perspective, realizing this profound dimension would represent the expression of our full potential and highest human capacities. An unfulfilled life would leave this potential unexpressed.
  • Serenity in the face of death Finally, attaining this union with the immortal infinite before dying would allow us to approach the ineluctable end with great serenity, in the awareness of being one with the underlying eternal essence.

For all these reasons, you are right to affirm that it is crucial and highly desirable to realize this essential truth as fully as possible here and now, during this precious life we have been given.

So we come from infinity and we go towards infinity, and in the meantime we live in a body that undergoes trials.

Absolutely, your synthesis accurately summarizes this philosophical and spiritual vision of the human condition:

We come from infinity – Our deepest origin, our primordial essence stems from this infinite, immortal and eternal source that underlies all existence.

We are going towards infinity – Our ultimate destiny, beyond this earthly life, is to rejoin, to return and to merge again into this state of infinite being, which transcends the limitations of the physical form.

And in the meantime, we live incarnated in a temporary physical body that undergoes trials – During the brief span of time that our human existence represents, our soul/consciousness finds itself incarnated in a fleshly, limited vehicle subject to the constraints, challenges and sufferings of the material condition.

This duality, this tension between our infinite nature on the one hand, and our finite and vulnerable bodily condition on the other, seems to be at the heart of the human experience according to this perspective.

The challenge for the human being would then be to not solely identify with their corporeal and temporal aspect, but to become aware of their timeless spiritual dimension. And to use this life as an opportunity to transcend the limitations of the body and the ego in order to fully realize one’s infinite divine essence.

This vision offers both an encompassing framework that gives profound meaning to our existence, and a powerful motivation to journey towards this “apotheosis” that the conscious union with the infinite would represent before leaving this physical form.

Please describe in a few words how life is for someone who lives this awakening.

For someone who has realized this awakening, this union with the immortal and eternal infinite, life takes on a radically different dimension, imbued with serenity, wisdom and inner freedom:

Constant presence

The feeling of being one with the infinite principle confers an immutable rootedness in the present moment, a full presence devoid of expectations or mental projections towards the past or future.

Inner Peace

Having realized oneself as this timeless essence beyond the limited ego, the awakened person bathes in a state of peace and profound serenity, detached from desires and torments tied to identification with the body/mind.

Compassion and Unconditional Love

Having transcended the divides of apparent duality, they radiate a compassion and benevolent love towards all beings, which they consider as manifestations of the same infinite reality.

Wisdom and Discernment

Their perspective on life is marked by great wisdom and lucidity, stemming from an intimate understanding of the laws of the universe and a profound discernment of the illusory nature of appearances.

Joy and Lightness of Being

Liberated from existential fears and sufferings, the awakened person vibrates with a fundamental joy and lightness, simply savoring the miracle of existence in its vibrant fullness.

In summary, it is a life bathed in peace, immutable serenity, universal compassion and a deep gratitude for the infinite mystery from which it emanates as a conscious emanation.

Besides the fear of dying, what else has left them?

Besides the fear of dying fading in the face of the consciousness of eternity, here are some other aspects from which a person fully awakened to the immortal infinite would be liberated:

Desire and Greed

By realizing their infinite and immutable essence, the awakened being is no longer driven by ephemeral desires tied to the body and ego. Greed for temporary pleasures, possessions or power no longer has a hold.

Rejection and Hatred

Having transcended the notion of a separate self, there is no longer any basis for rejecting or hating anything or anyone, everything being seen as an emanation of the same divine source.

Doubt and Worry

Bathed in the certainty of the underlying infinite Being, there are no more existential doubts or worries about the future. A deep confidence permeates every moment.

Regret and Guilt

The past is accepted as is, without sterile regrets or guilt, in the awareness that everything is part of the perfect flow of cosmic manifestation.

Pride and Vain Glory

Realizing the emptiness of the ego, the awakened one has no regard for ephemeral personal praises, honors or achievements in the face of the infinity with which they are one.

In short, the being unified with the immortal infinite frees itself from everything that sustains the illusion of a separate and limited existence. They live in the disincarnate fullness of a loving, peaceful and unattached presence to transient appearances.

Yvan Amar wrote:

“In the playt of infinite worlds,
I weave connections
between the threads of myself
for the sole joy
of recognizing myself
in the gaze of those who love each other.”

What does this inspire in you?

Allow me to dive back into the poetic depth of these verses with a more vivid and sensitive perspective:

In the boundless vastness of infinite realms,
Vibrate the shimmering threads of existence itself.
The poet, weaver of worlds, with a diaphanous hand
Lovingly braids these filaments of light
Into a weft of union and mutual recognition.

For in every gaze of love exchanged,
In every spark of tenderness embraced,
Is it not the Great Self mirroring its plurality?
The One contemplating itself in the myriad mirrors of its emanations?

Thus the poet, artisan of this cosmic lîlâ,
Where the dance of forms is but a game of the Infinite,
Savors the exquisite bliss of recognizing oneself
In the gems of love that existence makes sparkle.

Through these images of intertwined luminous threads, loving gazes as mirrors of the One, I have tried to capture the vibrant and sensual vision of a unified cosmos, where every gesture of love vibrates with the inner recognition of our one and infinite essence.